This project is based in the study of Oracle applications for retail business integration platforms (Oracle Retail). The study was centered on the platform that was used at the date of the beggining of the project and further on the one belongging to the new version of Oracle Retail applications, released during the internship (on April 2008).

There was yet the study of "Fusion Middleware" technologies, mainly the orquestration of web services and XMl based processes, so as the message queueing system for integration. This system, as part of the new integration platform, compatible with "Fusion Middleware" technologies, has provided the integration bus for the developed prototype, wich was based uppon an intergation case between two Oracle Retail applications, wich was chosen for being a general case that would retrieve most intregation cenarios.

After the prototype's deployment, it's execution was evaluated. As part of this evaluation, this integration method was compared with the released Oracle Retail integration platform.

With this method implementation, wich got together recent Oracle technologies, it will be possible to inovate Oracle applications integration. This integration may not concern only to the retail business, but also possibly to other Oracle applications, due to the use of web services for componnent comunnication and the use of Oracle AQ queuing system as an integration bus.