Evolution and global trends impose new rhythms and pave the way for new and improved marketing techniques. Mass Marketing gave place to Segmented Marketing which, in turn, was replaced by Relationship Marketing, based on client selection and customers’ loyalty development through the implementation of a personalized relationship/service.

Projects that promote products customization also appeared in the Design area, following Marketing orientations and consumer needs. The consumers are more and more demanding and willing to express themselves publicly.

The technological innovation and the need of bringing brands and its consumers together have been making companies include interaction and customization into several publicity campaigns.

Increasingly self-centered and aware of its own needs, the human being wants and demands customization, individualization and participation.

It is within this context that the project of an urban publicity system was born. Such system includes inputs from either a local or a distant spectator and provides sponsored multimedia content to those who are present at the event.

The participation of several users, the existing interaction and the possibility of transmitting and sharing contents, gives the project a sociability and proximity dimension, which pleases and brings advantages to both sponsors and users.

This study was divided in three stages that comprise the research of interactive campaigns/events, the systems design (from the technological architecture and user interface point of view) and the evaluation of consumers’ availability to take part in these campaigns. The work carried out relates distinct but intertwined knowledge, such as Engineering, Design and Marketing, and the end product was a complex and a challenging project.