FASt is a 2.5 m LOA (length overall) autonomous sailing boat developed in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal. The project started in 2007 as an activity of an extra-curricular group of students, to enter the series of international competitions organized in the scope of the MicroTransat initiative. In 2008 we participated in the first World Robotic Championship/International Robotic Sailing Conference (WRSC/IRSC), held in Breitenbrunn, Austria. We organized the second edition of this event in Matosinhos, near the city of Porto, Portugal, with a successful participation of 7 teams and 8 robotic sailing boats. In 2011 we started a fruitful collaboration with the Naval Research Center of the Portuguese Navy (CINAV) and organized various sea trials with the support of the Navy. The FASt team was awarded the first place in the 2012 World Robotic Sailing Championship, in Cardiff, UK and in the 2013 edition, held in Brest, France, we also won the "Ecole Navale Special Award" in the endurance competition and the best student sailboat contest with the student's project of an autonomous Laser RC. In WRSC2014, in Galway, Ireland, FASt won the endurance race and finished the World Championship in 2nd place.

The FASt team is presently sponsored by AFCEA Portugal, in the scope of the AFCEA Porto Student Club.