Traveling to Porto

Porto is served by its own international airport, located to the North of the city just 12km (by car) to the city centre.
Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro

Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro

Airport <-> City Centre

The airport is well served by public transport: Metro, Shuttle, Buses and Taxi.
Bus stops and taxi rank are located just outside/in front of the main airport terminal building. The metro station is across the road (50m) from this same building.

The airport is served by line E (purple) that will take you directly to the city centre. Travel time is approximately 30 min to Trindade station, and trains typically depart every 30 min. Be advised that train frequency is reduced on weekends. Trains typically run from 06h00 to 01h00. We suggest you check the metro time table available at the following link:
Metro Timetable.
When travelling to the city centre you will need a Z4 (4 Zone) ticket, which costs 2.00 €. You should be able to buy your ticket at the automated ticket vending machine located on the metro station platform.
Metro do Porto.

A taxi ride to the centre will cost you around 25€ to 30€, and will take around 20 min to 30 min depending on traffic and exact destination.

Buses are probably the slowest means of getting to the city centre due to the number of stops. You can download a map as well as simulate an itinenary at the following links:
Airport Buses Map.
Airport Bus Routes.
Please note that the conference venue - Faculdade de Engenharia do Porto - is located 400m from the Sao Joao Hospital bus stop.

Bus Shuttle:
You may also opt for a bus shuttle service directly connecting the city centre and the airport. Travel times are approximately 25 min, and the ticket costs 5.00 €.
Terravision Airport Shuttle.

City Centre <-> Conference Venue

The conference venue (Faculdade de Engenharia da Faculdade do Porto) is served by the 'IPO' metro station on line D (Yellow). It is a 7 to 10 min walk from this station to the conference venue, along the road located behing the Sao Joao Hospital.
From the city centre (Trindade) to IPO is merely a 10 min ride (6 stops). When catching a metro from any other line, you will need to change to line D at Trindade station.
Trindade <-> IPO by metro.
When travelling from the city centre to IPO a Z2 (2 Zone) ticket is sufficient. This will cost 1.20 €. When traveling you will need to validate your ticket before entering the train. The ticket will remain valid for 1 hour, but even so you are required to re-validate the ticket if you change lines or re-enter the metro inside the 1 hour window.
Note that using metro tickets requires that you buy an 'Andante' re-chargeable ticket. 24h and 72h tickets are also available. More details regarding ticketing and other fares may be found at the following link:
Metro do Porto Fares.

Metro on D. Luis Bridge

The conference venue is connected to the city centre by bus lines 204, 300, 301, and 803. The bus stop is just to the North of the conference venue (FEUP). More information regarding travel times and schedules may be obtained at the following link:
Bus stop FEUP1.
Bus stop FEUP2.
Bus fares are the same as the metro as they share the same ticket (Andante Z2 for city centre <-> conference venue). However, with buses you get the option to buy a ticket from the bus driver for 1.95 €.
Bus Fares.
Most buses have a free wi-fi hotspot.

STCP bus