Industry Forum - Session 121

Room: B032
Day: Wednesday 18th of July
Hour: 13:40
Duration: 100 minutes

13h40 : Industry 4.0 – beyond the hype
Eng. Francisco Almada Lobo, Critical Manufacturing, Portugal
14h00 : Sysmac Platform - The best approach to Industry 4.0
Mr. Paulo Carvalho, Omron, Portugal
14h20 : Ecostruxure - Industry Digitalization
Mr. Rui Monteiro, Schneider, Portugal
14h40 : PLCnext Technology
Mr Carlos Coutinho, Phoenix Contact, Portugal
15h00 : TSN/OPC-UA as Basis for Industrial Industry 4.0
MSc Gerald Fritz, TTTech, Austria

Industry Forum - Session 131

Room: B032
Day: Wednesday 18th of July
Hour: 15:50
Duration: 80 minutes

15h50: Robotics in Industry 4.0
Mr. Miguel Angelo, JPM, Portugal
16h10 : Industry 4.0 in Volkswagen Autoeuropa
Mrs. Gisela Garcia, Volkswagen AE, Portugal
16h30 : Optimal Automatic Path Planner for High Redundancy Robotic Systems
Mr. Pedro Tavares, SARKKIS, Portugal
16h50 : Multi-Agent Solutions for Adaptive Resource Management: Applications in Industry
Prof. Petr Skobelev, Smart Solutions, Russian Federation
Dr. Sergey Borovik, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

Industry Forum - Session 231

Room: B032
Day: Thursday 19th of July
Hour: 15:30
Duration: 100 minutes

15h30 : Project Fenix: From request to Digital Twin
Mr. António Gonzalez, EFACEC, Portugal
15h50 : Introsys contribution to the Factories of the Future
Mr. Fábio Miranda, INTROSYS SA, Portugal
16h10 : Product digitalization, a new industrial challenge – INCM's pathway
Mrs Silvia Garcia, INCM, Portugal
16h30 : Deep Learning in the Context of Cyber-Physical Systems
PhD Robert Suhada, Foxconn 4Tech, Czech Republic
16h50 : The Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol for the Integration of Real-Time Systems and Simulation Environments
Mr. Martin Krammer, Virtual Vehicle Research Center, Austria