Abstract submission: 30 September 2021
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Conference: 26-28 January 2022

Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal (

Conference languages
Portuguese, Spanish and English

To share latest research on materials and structures, at all scales, methods and applications. The conference welcomes abstracts from Portugal, Spain and South American Countries. All other countries are welcome to contribute.

The conference runs in physical and online modes. Depending on the pandemic evolution, the conference may run on online mode only.


– 3D Printing in Construction
– Additive Construction
– Bolted Joints
– Bonded Joints
– Bridges
– Buildings
– Case studies
– Cementitious Composites
– Composite Materials
– Concrete structures
– Earthquake performance
– Experimental studies
– Extreme Events
– Fatigue and Fracture
– Finite element analysis
– Functional Materials
– Innovation in Construction Technology
– Meshless Methods
– New Structural Materials
– Retrofitting of Structures
– Sandwich Structures
– Silos
– Steel structures
– Strengthening of Structures
– Structural Design Codes
– Structural Performance
– Sustainability
– Towers
– Wood-Cement composites
– Wooden structures