Session S8

6 May | 11H00 (GMT+1)
From the shapeless earth to the earth as house-shaped

Dr. Lapo Naldoni
Building Engineer, R&D WASP Team

Abstract: From 2012, the aims of WASP is to build zero-mile homes, by using natural materials locally sourced and advanced technology like 3D printing. For this reason, WASP has developed a huge number of systems able to start from the soil in order to build sustainable architectures. From the Big Delta WASP to the Crane WASP, today we are able to print at the architectural scale with bio-based mortar: Gaia and Tecla projects are milestones in the field of 3D printing.

Short Bio: Lapo Naldoni has a degree in Building Engineering and Architecture from Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna, Italy. He developed his thesis focusing on mud constructions and robotic informed deposition on tensioned fabrics, the work has been presented and published at the IASS Symposium 2018 in Boston. Currently, he is a member of the Wasp R&D team and works on 3d printing at different scales with polymers and fluid dense materials. He frequently collaborates with Co-de-It in several workshops on digital fabrication and he is teacher assistant of Architecture Planning (Prof. Alessio Erioli) at Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna. He has worked as a computational designer at Mario Cucinella Architects (IT)