Session S10 | 16 July | 11H00 (GMT+1)
Know your building: the non-intrusive part of structural inspection
Miguel Gomes de Almeida
André Ferreira

Session S9 | 20 May | 11H00 (GMT+1)
From Matter to Shape: 3D Printing Precast Industry
Dr. Didier Lootens
Department Director of Material Physics, Sika Technology

Session S8 | 6 May | 11H00 (GMT+1)
From the shapeless earth to the earth as house-shaped
Dr. Lapo Naldoni
Building Engineer, R&D WASP Team

Session S7 | 8 April | 11H00
Rapid Construction Using Traditional Capabilities and Compatibility with New Materials
Dr. Patrick Keane
University of South Australia

Session S6 | 25 March | 11H00
3D printing: Challenges and Opportunities in Construction
Dr. Maurizio Iler Marchi
Global R&D Department of Heidelberg Cement Group, Leimen, Germany

Session S5 | 18 February | 11H00
Resource-efficient construction of steel structures using laser cutting and metal 3D printing
Prof. Alper Kanyilmaz
Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Session S4 | 28 January | 17H00
Advances and Collaboration across the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries: 2021 and Beyond
Prof. Terry Beaubois
Consultant to NASA and US DoEnergy-Office of Building Technology and invited lecture at Stanford, Hawaii, Shanghai, Los Angeles and London Universities

Session S3 | 11 December | 14H00
From Earth to Mars and back: additive manufacturing of buildings in concrete
Prof. José P. Duarte
The Pennsylvania State University, Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, USA

Session S2 | 26 November | 11H00
Smart, Functional and Sustainable – the Future of 3D Concrete Printing
Prof. Sandra Lucas
TU/e Department of the Built Environment, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Session S1 | 12 November | 11H00
3D Concrete printing: State of the Art and Structural Applications
Prof. Domenico Asprone
University of Naples Federico II, Italy