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I am very interested in Web based teaching and learning. I recently chaired WBLE'2000 conference.
Here are some of the many sites that I have visited.
General information
Academic Technology Center, Cornell University
Active Learning and Web Based Learning, by Perry C. Hanavan 
ADL's SCORM Course
Advanced Distributed Learning Network
American Society for Engineering Education
Building Asynchronous and Synchronous Teaching-Learning Environments, by Graziadei et al
CSALT - Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology, University of Lancaster
Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web, by Thomas Fox McManus 
Distance Learning Resource Network, US Department of Education
Distance Learning through Telematics, University of Plymouth
EDEN - European Distance Education Network
Education and Culture in the European Commission, with Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci
eLearning - Designing tomorrow's education, The European Commmission
e-Learning Centre, with the access to eCLIPSE
European Society for Engineering Education 
Flexible Learning On The Internet, Bell College of Technology 
HUT - Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli, Finland 
INOFOR, Portugal
Learning Technologies Workshop, CEN/ISSS
Learning to Learn, University of Toronto
Leonardo da Vinci - Portugal 
Merlin 2000, a Leonardo da Vinci project I am involved with
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, USA
Office of Learning Technologies, Canada
PROACTe - Promoting Awareness and Communicating Technologies in Education, European Union
PROMETEUS, European Partnership
Resources in Science and Engineering Education, by Richard Felder
Study Guides and Strategies, University of St. Thomas
Sunil Hazari, Ed.D, University of Maryland
10 Steps in Learning to Learn, Paradise Valley Community College Learning Support Centre
the NODE learning technologies network, Canada 
UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
Virtual Education - Web-Based Teaching and Learning, by Jean Kent 
WBLE'2000 - Web Based Learning Environments European Conference, Porto, Portugal
WBLE'2001 - European Conference on e-Learning, Lund, Sweden
Faculty development
Grayson H. Walker Teaching Resource Center
Teaching Tips, Faculty Development at Honolulu Community College
Courses, Portugal
Centre d'Educació i Noves Tecnologies de la Universitat Jaume I, Spain
Design for Testability, by José Manuel Martins Ferreira, University of Porto
Domus - Cursos on-line, I P Bragança
DSP Subject Information, Australia
English for Geologists
Ensino@Distâ, Universidade de Aveiro
Finite Mathmatics, MA 114, North Carolina State University
FORMARE - Soluções Globais de e-Learning
GAEDIST - Gabinete de Apoio ao Ensino à Distância, University of Porto
Math Emporium, Virginia Tech
National Technological University
Online Learning, The University of New South Wales, Australia
TechOnLine University 
TeleCampus, thousands of courses from around the world
The World Lecture Hall
The University of the Future
UNED - Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
University of West Florida - Distance Learning
Course tools
Allen Communication
BC Webworks - WBT Resource Library 
Contacto@ICEP, password required
Comparative Features Analysis of Leading Course Management Software, FutureU
Course Management Tools, Sonoma State University
EduWeb, for AulaNet, PUC-Rio
Evaluation and Selection of Web Course Management Tools, by Sunil Hazari, Ed.D
Gilat Communications Ltd.
Integrated Course Management Software, Illinois Higher Education Distance Learning Conference
Introducing and Supporting a Web Course Management Tool, by Diane Kubarek, Cornell University
LearnLinc Corporation
LUVIT, Lund University
Mad Duck Technologies, Web Course in a Box
Mentergy, incorporates Gilat Communications, Allen Communication and LearnLinc
NZEdSoft, Massey University
Online Educational Delivery Applications: a Web Tool for Comparative Analysis, a must!
WBT - Online Learning Systems for Education and Industry
Web-based learning environments, by Erkki Rämö, Espoo Vantaa Institute of Technology
Authoring tools
e-learning products, by Asymetrix
Macromedia Authorware
Macromedia Director
Mediator 5
WinFlash Educator
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