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Warning: most of my articles have been referring to email. This email, however, was recently hacked, then lost. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Welcome to this website. If you like, you may contribute to the development of this work.

News: I am accepting students who need private classes on Physics, Maths, etc... I am also accepting invitations for projecting my video-disciplines to groups of students or institutions, globally.

Proposal: All public institutions should urgently install a free-open-source operating system in their computers, machinery and networks. Linux for example.


Books: Collection of Articles II - book; Collection of Articles I - book; Doctoral Thesis - supply chain; Masters Thesis - warehouse; ESM2005 - simulation; FUBUTEC2008 - simulation; Simulação por Computador - book;

Articles: Motion, Uncertainty Under G-­L-­M; We Are Not From Here; Anti-gravity; Gravitational Electricity?; The Perfect Democracy; Authored & no-patent; Arc-in-tension bridge; Geometric Law of Motion; Aparent ficticious forces; Huygens force; Grid ultrasounds; HAARP and Geoengineering; Solar-dam, solar energy; Kepler, Newton, Huygens...; Almost a flying saucer; Wind-splash turbine; Hyperturbine; Artistic wind system; Bicyle wheel, fantastic; Double convergent turbine; Low-cost convergent turbine; Roda-de-Vento, ex-libiris; Circles-model, for metro analysis; scMod/Sim.exe, for supply chain; Hyper-window = hyper-information; Holistic-metrics, complex systems; Standard versus naive stock policies; GALP supply simulation study; Theory of Flexibility, supply chain; Cranfield's Game, for supply chain; C++ Supply chain modelling; C++ warehouse modelling; Warehouse visual simulator; EFACEC Simulation study - Iran; EFACEC Simulation study - Brasil;

Hand-notes: Hamilton's quaternions as a state of motion; Black-holes, G-R and G-L-M; Air-water-implosion-propulsion; Can we predict future?; Gyro-gravitation field equations; Beautiful rings-atom, no spin; Geometric-law-of-motion; Mixing Planck-Bohr-Newton; Monologue for De Broglie; hfield: more hand-notes-4; hfield: polar satellites-3; hfield: planets orbital torque-2; hfield: Mercury precession-1; Big-Bang hand-notes;

Diverging thoughts (videos):

Video-disciplines: Electromagnetismo; Medical Radiology; Física-básica; Mecânica Quântica; Physico-maths

Wind concepts: Wind-splash-turbine; Hyperturbine; Easy generator; Superturbine; Superturbine; Filistine; Elegant; Mini bycicle wheel; Double Turbine; fturbine; flaggyTurbine; The first one; Little-devil; Building generator; De Magnet's clone;

Computer Simulators: MetroModSim - manual; MetroModSim 2.0 free; Screenshot-4; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1; ScModSim - manual; ScModSim 1.0 free; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1; TrafSim (beta) free; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1; WarehouseSim free; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1

Arts: Drawing/painting;

Personal websites: (canceled);;

Other links: News of reference; Geoengineering-news; European weather; Eurosis conferences; JAK BANK - logic;; Europe-lines-trains; Deutsche-bahn; Skyscanner-flights; Follow aircraft; Flight-air-sampling; Utrace; Bitcoin-value

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