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Warning: most of my articles have been referring to email. But such email has been hacked, then lost. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to this website. You may contribute here to the development of this work.

News: I am accepting students for private classes on Physics, Maths, etc... and invitations for projecting my video-disciplines to groups of students or institutions.

Proposal: All public institutions should urgently install free-open-source operating systems in their computers, machinery and networks. Linux for example.

Articles: The-Periodic-Table-of-Rings; Hypernumerals; Einstein blind train; Motion, Uncertainty Under G-L-M; We Are Not From Here; Anti-gravity; Gravitational Electricity?; The Perfect Democracy; Authored & no-patent; Arc-in-tension bridge; Geometric Law of Motion; Aparent ficticious forces; Huygens force; Grid ultrasounds; HAARP and Geoengineering; Solar-dam, solar energy; Kepler, Newton, Huygens...; Almost a flying saucer; Wind-splash turbine; Hyperturbine; Artistic wind system; Bicyle wheel, fantastic; Double convergent turbine; Low-cost convergent turbine; Roda-de-Vento, ex-libiris; Circles-model, for metro analysis; scMod/Sim.exe, for supply chain; Hyper-window = hyper-information; Holistic-metrics, complex systems; Standard versus naive stock policies; GALP supply simulation study; Theory of Flexibility, supply chain; Cranfield's Game, for supply chain; C++ Supply chain modelling; C++ warehouse modelling; Warehouse visual simulator; EFACEC Simulation study - Iran; EFACEC Simulation study – Brasil;

Hand-notes: Hamilton's quaternions as a state of motion; Black-holes, G-R and G-L-M; Air-water-implosion-propulsion; Can we predict future?; Gyro-gravitation field equations; Beautiful rings-atom, no spin; Geometric-law-of-motion; Mixing Planck-Bohr-Newton; Monologue for De Broglie; hfield: more hand-notes-4; hfield: polar satellites-3; hfield: planets orbital torque-2; hfield: Mercury precession-1; Big-Bang hand-notes;

Books: Collection of Articles II - book; Collection of Articles I - book; Doctoral Thesis - supply chain; Masters Thesis - warehouse; ESM2005 - simulation; FUBUTEC2008 - simulation; Simulação por Computador – book;

Diverging thoughts (videos):

Video-disciplines: Electromagnetismo; Medical Radiology; Física-básica; Mecânica Quântica; Physico-maths

Wind concepts: Wind-splash-turbine; Hyperturbine; Easy generator; Superturbine; Superturbine; Filistine; Elegant; Mini bycicle wheel; Double Turbine; fturbine; flaggyTurbine; The first one; Little-devil; Building generator; De Magnet's clone;

Computer Simulators: MetroModSim - manual; MetroModSim 2.0 free; Screenshot-4; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1; ScModSim - manual; ScModSim 1.0 free; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1; TrafSim (beta) free; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1; WarehouseSim free; Screenshot-3; Screenshot-2; Screenshot-1

Arts: Drawing/painting;

Personal websites: (canceled);;

Other links: News of reference; Geoengineering-news; European weather; Eurosis conferences; JAK BANK - logic;; Europe-lines-trains; Deutsche-bahn; Skyscanner-flights; Follow aircraft; Flight-air-sampling; Utrace; Bitcoin-value

Ubuntu Linux, get it here.

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