EPCO 2019 - Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control
June 25, 2019

FEUP, Porto, Portugal

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About EPCO 2019

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 2019 Portuguese Meeting on Optimal Control - EPCO 2019, that will take place at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto at Porto. EPCO 2019 will be held on Tuesday, 25th June 2019 and it will provide an excellent opportunity for presenting new results and to discuss the latest research and developments in the field of optimal control. As in previous editions, this is an informal meeting seeking the exchange of knowledge and ideas among participants.

The meeting will cover a broad range of topics including:
  • Optimal control and optimality conditions
  • Stabilization methods for nonlinear systems
  • Geometric control
  • Model predictive control
  • Differential games
  • Stochastic control
  • Control of PDEs
  • Numerical methods in control
  • Applications of optimal control

The language of this meeting will be English. In order to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to share their results, all abstracts will be presented in one of two formats: oral presentation or poster.

Important dates
  • Abstracts Submission deadline (by email - epco2019@fe.up.pt): May 5th
  • Notification of (20-minute) oral or (A0 preferential) poster presentation: May 20th
  • Online Registration deadline: June 12th
  • Meeting: June 25th

The registration is free but mandatory.

Previous editions

Event Schedule

Talk sessions take place in room B001.
Poster sessions and coffee breaks take place in room I-105.

  • 8:45 Registration
  • 9:15 Talk session 1

    09:15 Giovanni Colombo (Invited speaker)
    Some new optimal control problems with state constraints

    10:00 Margarida Camarinha
    Path planning with obstacle avoidance on Lie groups

    10:20 Jorge Becerril
    Normality and Uniqueness of Multipliers in Isoperimetric Control Problems

    10:40 Fernando Fontes
    Short presentation of posters

  • 11:00 Posters and Coffee break
  • 11:30 Talk session 2

    11:30 João Miranda Lemos
    Optimal Control of a Class of Hybrid Plants

    11:50 J.P. Belfo
    Coordination Convergence of Distributed Optimal Control

    12:10 Afonso Botelho
    Predictive Control for Rendezvous in Elliptic Orbits

  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 14:00 Talk session 3

    14:00 Matthias Gerdts (Invited Speaker)
    The Automated-Interconnected Vehicle-in-the-loop: A platform for automated and cooperative driving

    14:45 Zahra Foroozandeh
    Numerical solution of singular optimal control problems based on a complementarity formulation

    15:05 Miguel Aguiar
    A comparison of numerical methods for solving the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation: applications to optimal trajectory generation for marine vehicles

  • 15:25 Posters and Coffee break
  • 16:10 Talk session 4

    16:10 Fernanda Cipriano
    Optimal portfolio for the α-Hypergeometric stochastic volatility model

    16:30 Pedro Casau
    On the design of globally stabilizing hybrid feedback controllers

    16:50 Silvério Rosa
    Optimal control of an HIV-AIDS epidemic model with memory and general incidence rate

    17:10 Ana P. Lemos–Paião
    Optimal control problems applied to cholera outbreaks

  • 17:30 Fairwell and closing

    (Room I-105)

  • Posters (1st Authors)

    Marco Martins Afonso
    Optimal transient growth for an incompressible fluid flow past a backward–slanted surface

    Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi
    Optimal control of a non local thermistor problem with Atangana–Baleanu fractional time derivative

    João Domingos
    Convex heuristics for designing distributed controllers

    Manuel C.R.M. Fernandes
    Optimal Path and Optimal Path–Following of Airborne Wind Energy Systems

    Zahra Foroozandeh
    Euler–Pseudospectral method and a wavelet–based mesh generation strategy for the adaptive solution of optimal control problems

    Alexandra Gavina
    Tau spectral method for the numerical solution of control nonholonomic systems

    Faiçal Ndairou
    Ebola Model and Optimal Control with Vaccination

    Paulo Rebelo
    An optimal pest control problem for a non autonomous prey-predator model

    Mouhcine Tilioua
    On the control of some ferromagnetic structures

    Hanaa Zitane
    On the stabilization of the state Riemann Liouville fractional derivative for a class of semilinear systems

Scientific Committee

  • Amélia Caldeira (Polytechnic of Porto, Porto)
  • Andrey Sarychev (University of Florence, Italy)
  • António Pascoal (University of Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Antonio Pedro Aguiar (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Delfim F. M. Torres (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
  • Fátima Silva Leite (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Fernando Fontes (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Fernando Lobo Pereira (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Gueorgui Smirnov (University of Minho, Portugal)
  • Hasnaa Zidani (ENSTA-Paris Tech, France)
  • João Miranda Lemos (University of Lisboa, Portugal)
  • João Tasso Sousa (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • José Augusto Ferreira (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Luís Tiago Paiva (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Margarida Camarinha (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Margarida Ferreira  (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Maria do Rosário de Pinho (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Sofia Lopes (University of Minho, Portugal)

Organizing Committee

  • Margarida Ferreira (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Fernando Fontes (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Maria do Rosário de Pinho (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • Luís Tiago Paiva (University of Porto, Portugal)

List of Participants

  • Afonso Botelho (INESC-ID, IST)
  • Alexandra Antunes Gavina (ISEP)
  • Ali Moghanni (CMUC, PhD student)
  • Amélia Caldeira (ISEP | P. Porto, LEMA , SYSTEC | ISR)
  • Ana P. Lemos-Paião (CIDMA, Universidade de Aveiro)
  • Atefeh Afsar (University of Porto)
  • Cecília Agostinho Soares Pinto (ESTGV)
  • Cristiana J. Silva (CIDMA, University of Aveiro)
  • Delfim F.M. Torres (CIDMA, University of Aveiro)
  • Faiçal Ndairou (CIDMA, University of Aveiro)
  • Fátima Pereira (Universidade de Évora)
  • Fernanda Cipriano (FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • Fernando A. Fontes (SYSTEC, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)
  • Filipe Martins (Universidade do Porto e LIAAD-INESC)
  • Hamed Akhavan (INEGI, Universidade do Porto)
  • Hanaa Zitane (MACS Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences, UMI, Morocco)
  • João Domingos (IST)
  • João Miranda Lemos (INESC-ID, IST)
  • João Pedro Belfo (INESC-ID)
  • João Xavier (Instituto Superior Técnico)
  • Jorge Becerril (Universidade do Porto)
  • Lúcia Sousa (ESTGV-IPV)
  • Luís Tiago Paiva (SYSTEC, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)
  • M. Margarida A. Ferreira (SYSTEC, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)
  • Manuel Fernandes (SYSTEC, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)
  • Marco Martins Afonso (Centro de Matemática, Universidade do Porto)
  • Margarida Camarinha (University of Coimbra)
  • Maria Cristina Peixoto Matos (ESTGV - IPV)
  • Maria do Rosário de Pinho (SYSTEC, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)
  • Matheus Ferreira dos Reis (FEUP)
  • Miguel Aguiar (LSTS, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)
  • Mina Saee (CMUC, PhD student)
  • Mouhcine Tilioua (FST Errachidia, Morocco)
  • Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi (FST Errachidia, Morocco)
  • Patrícia Sofia Santos (CMUC / IPC - ISEC)
  • Paula Rocha Malonek (FEUP)
  • Paulo Rebelo (Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã)
  • Pedro Casau (Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica - Lisboa)
  • Rita Cunha (Instituto Superior Técnico, ISR)
  • Sandra Ricardo (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro)
  • Silvério Rosa (IT e Universidade da Beira Interior)
  • Sofia Lopes (CFIS, SYSTEC, UM)
  • Teresa Daniela Grilo (CFisUC)
  • Zahra Foroozandeh (SYSTEC, FEUP, Universidade do Porto)

Last updated: June 19th,2019

Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gerdts is Full Professor for Engineering Mathematics, at Bundeswehr University Munich.
Matthias Gerdts

Bundeswehr University Munich

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Colombo is Full Professor at University of Padua.
Giovanni Colombo

University of Padua

Lunch and Accomodation


Location that you'll be looking for

Event Location

  • Faculdade de Engenharia
    Universidade do Porto
    Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
    4200-465 Porto, Portugal
    Room: (to be announced)