Célia Talma Valente


This is my research page in NIAD&R. (Distributed AI Group)

Research interests


          The main objective of this thesis was to design and implement an agent-based system for helping the user in searching relevant information needed in a such immense world as the Internet.
          SMAPI is an agent-based software that launches an information searching agent for each domain in the Web it tries to look into. These agents, automatically created by SMAPI, improve their own performance through some learning features. The basis for their learning algorithm is the set of setences in which the keywords appear, called contexts, which in turn, are removed from the pages classifyed with "Hot" by the user (through the user´s feedback). The importance of the page is also calculated according the the respective position of the key words in the text. These contexts are communicated to all the searching agent community and used by all of them during the search.
The final results presented to the user include a set of Web pages' addresses associated with their respective classification.

Searching with SMAPI

Email: celia@reit.up.pt