Who I am

Eu Próprio My name is Simão Luís Belchior Mota de Castro and I was born in the 23rd of January 1984 in Lancaster in the United Kingdom. I didn't live in the UK for a long time, and soon I came back to Portugal. I lived in Braga until 1989 and then I moved to Porto where I live until the present day.

What do I do

I'm currently in the 5th of five years of the Integrated Master of Informatics and Computing Engineering, at the Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto (FEUP). I will finish my studies in July 2009, with an expected average of 14, in a scale of 0 to 20.

Besides attending classes I'm a member of the group responsible for writing and publishing a students dedicated newspaper from my faculty, called Jornal de Engenharia. In this semester I will also be a monitor for first year students, helping them with a project for a course meant to help in their integration in the Faculty.

During my faculty years I was a member of some student associations, like the Local BEST Group Porto. To learn more about my past projects and activities you can take a look here.

What will I do

In the Spring semester 2009 I did my final project in a Dutch Web Development company, Tam Tam. The project was entitled "Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis on Content Management System Projects" and it was graded 17/20. I have finished my Master with an average of 14/20

Currently I am looking for a job. If you have a proposal please contact me.