Fixed Sensors Integration for Future Cities Using M2M
Master's Degree Dissertation

Tasks Description

[Task 1 - 9 days]

This task consists in concluding the PDI report. The PDI report includes the dissertation chapter one and two. Chapter one is the dissertation introduction and chapter two is the state of art review.

[Task 2 - 7 days]

In task 2 I will have the first contact with Raspberry Pi platform and install its OS. After being familiarised with the platform, I will compile and install open-source DTN implementations and validate if them work as expected.

[Task 3 - 14 days]

Implementing the client/server model through sockets in C to transfer the locally stored Raspberry Pi sensors information to the Future Cities database. I must to install the local DB in the Raspberry Pi, use an API to get the information from the local DB and send the information to the Future Cities database through Porto Digital access points

[Task 4 - 21 days]

In task 4 I should use the previous task developed work and adapt it to send the locally database information through data mules instead of the Porto Digital access points, considering end-to-end connectivity though the VANET installed in over 500 vehicles in the context of the Future Cities project.

[Task 5 - 7 days]

In this task I will have to evaluate the communication protocols developed in tasks 3 and 4 and compare them with the open-source implementations performance.

[Task 6 - 13 days]

In this task I will have to make the necessary code corrections to improve the protocols performance and to install the Raspberry Pi in a real world environment.

[Task 7 - 14 days]

In this task I will have to evaluate the communication protocols in a real world scenario and make the necessary code corrections.

[Task 8 - 60 days]

Last, I will write the dissertation final document and make the necessary corrections suggested by my first and second supervisors.

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