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The Department of Chemical Engineering is one of the six Departments of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, that governs the human, material and financial resources, necessary for the the activities of teaching, research and development in the area of chemical engineering and related topics. Within the Department 37 Ph.D. of the teaching staff, supported by 18 administrative and technical staff, develop their activities of teaching, research, management and services to the community. The Department of Chemical Engineering is located in Building E of the Faculty of Engineering Campus. It occupies a net area of 4400 m2, including laboratories for teaching and research. The reception, main secretariats and technical services are located on the Ground Floor.


At the level of first and second cycles, the Department of Chemical Engineering has primary responsibility for the teaching of MSc in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, DEQ provides meaningful collaboration in other courses at FEUP, as in the case of the MSc in Environmental Engineering and MSc in Bioengineering.

At the third cycle level, the Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering is under direction of the DEQ teaching staff. Some members of this staff are also currently involved in other postgraduate courses like the Doctoral Program in Environmental Engineering and the Doctoral Program in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refining.

Detailed information concerning the programme of studies, including contents and methods of work and evaluation for all subjects is provided in the 'Teaching' section of this website.

Research and Development

The R&D activity covers a wide-spectrum of areas, directly related, or with great affinity, to chemical engineering, under the perspective of both applied and fundamental research. In terms of organization, the national research system is based on laboratories that formally constitute Research & Development Units that depend on a Host Institution and on the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Four Research & Development Units work under scientific co-ordination of department's staff and have the Faculty of Engineering as host institution. The majority of the department's Faculty develops scientific activity within these Units, while the remaining work either in R&D Units external to the Faculty of Engineering or autonomously. The following four Units are coordinated by members of the staff:

The partnership of the above units is recognized as Associate Laboratory since November 2004 by the Portuguese Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia e do Ensino Superior. The status of Associate Laboratory is presented to Portuguese research institutions, with high merit recognized by external evaluations, based on the assessment of the institution capacity to cooperate in a stable, knowledgeable and efficient manner, in the prosecution of national technologic and science policy specific objectives.

The following other laboratories operate within the Department:

Within these structures several students are working for their Ph.D., in post-doctoral researchers activities or in the first period of their research training.

Services to community

The Chemical Engineering Department has an important asset, both in laboratory equipment and pilot-plant with an high level of sophistication, as well as in computer tools and documentation for community services. There is also a significant activity connected to the industry, particularly in laboratory analysis services, engineering design or consulting. Entities interested in more information may contact directly the specific R & D Labs above or contact the Director of the DEQ.

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