Aims and Objectives

The Industrial Engineering and Management Symposium (IEMS) was created in 2010 by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management from FEUP (DEGI) aiming to be a relevant platform for doctoral students and young researchers to present their research proposals, share their ongoing work, discuss their ideas and collect feedback from peers, professors and experienced researchers. IEMS also encouraged professors and researchers to share their knowledge, current projects and point possible areas of future cooperation.

Since 2012, IEMS opened the doors to the industry by focusing on the impact of the research carried out by DEGI researchers on society. Companies are invited and welcome to attend the event, participate in the discussions and get a closer look to the undergoing projects.

The symposium lasts one day and is organized in sessions of PhD presentations and sessions of invited guests. During the event, powerpoint slides containing the general idea of each research project (known as elevator pitches) are displayed and voted. The best one is awarded.