With the variety of resources available Porto conquers all its visitors, from those who want it for its history and authenticity, to the ones who seek to explore a new, more cosmopolitan and contemporary city. Discovering Porto means discovering what makes it different:

  • The famous Port Wine, available at the cellars, wine shops, the museum and bars, to be tasted and to get to know its history
  • An Historical Centre designated World Cultural Heritage, by UNESCO, since December 1996, gathering a vast heritage to be visited, known for its narrow streets, its granite buildings and the unique setting of the colourful houses by the river
  • Museums with varied themes, such as transports, history, art, communication and sciences
  • Churches with their interior covered by magnificent gilt carving, classified monuments and beautiful tile panels
  • Buildings designed by renowned national and international contemporary architects
  • A privileged location by the river and the sea, ideal for nautical tourism, pleasant walks or bike rides along the riverside and the seaside, and relaxing moments at delightful terraces
  • Enchanting parks and gardens, romantic and bucolic, perfect for a break or for special family moments
  • The possibility of getting to know the city on foot, by bus, tram or any other classical or more innovative way
  • Classical and timeless cafés, inviting you to a joyful gathering, and modern and cosmopolitan bars, with music for all tastes
  • Traditional commerce, alternative shops, fashion boutiques by national and international designers, and also modern shopping centres
  • Typical Portuguese cuisine restaurants, and restaurants serving many other types of cuisine, along with the opportunity to try the recipes of renowned chefs, served in excellent places
  • A public transportation system that allows you to easily move around the city
  • A regular cultural and leisure events programme, both national and international, taking place in prestigious entertainment venues and on the grand stage – the city itself
  • The annual and great City Festivities – Porto’s São João, celebrated by all people

And, of course, accommodation offers for varied prices and meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients, a vast set of quality services and nice and welcoming people awaiting you.

Porto gives you a bit of everything. Give it a try!


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