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Journal publication of selected papers

Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Structural Integrity: Materials and Structures. Contacts with Editors of other International Journals are still going on. Requirements will be provided at a later stage.

Book series “Building Pathology and Rehabilitation”

Selected papers presented at the conference may be developed for publication in a Special Title of the book series “Building Pathology and Rehabilitation”, published by Springer, upon adapting to the formatting requirements of the book series and revising following the peer-review by the editors of the book.
Description: The “Building Pathology and Rehabilitation” book series addresses the areas of building pathologies and rehabilitation of the constructed heritage, strategies, diagnostic and design methodologies, the appropriately of existing regulations for rehabilitation, energy efficiency, adaptive rehabilitation, rehabilitation technologies and analysis of case studies.
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Structural Integrity: Materials and Structures

International Journal of Structural Integrity


Portuguese Journal of Structural Engineering

International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering

International Journal of Forensic Engineering