Conference scope

Structural engineering experts in strengthening and repair of structures need to have a comprehensive knowledge over a set of issues: the materials used (masonry, adobe, timber, steel, concrete and others); the geometric properties of the structures; the available surveying techniques for determining the physical and mechanical properties of the materials; the behaviour of the structural elements and the types of validated strengthening and repair techniques available for the different types of constructions.
The advances in structural expertise, over the last years, have revealed a substantial appeal from the intervenients and their roles in the construction industry and the appearance of new materials and construction techniques. Recent construction market forecasts show a considerable growth in the investment on the strengthening and repair activity (EuroConstruct Statistics).

CINPAR 2016 international conference is an opportunity for the participants to acquire knowledge on new materials, techniques and construction technologies, and to exchange personal experiences on strengthening and repair of structures .

Principal aims

  • Present and discuss the surveying and diagnosis techniques for material characterization;
  • Present and discuss frequent construction defects;
  • Identify and analyse the main causes of defects, which knowledge is crucial for a successful repair action;
  • Present materials used to repair and strengthen existing structures;
  • Present and discuss techniques to repair and strengthen existing structures;
  • Promote the communication and sharing of knowledge among different professionals working in this field;
  • To identify, discuss and encourage future research directions for the strengthening and repair of structures.


T1 – Defects
T2 – Materials
T3 – Procedures
T4 – Design projects
T5 – Historial Heritage