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Environmental Acoustics 

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4th year course - Integrated M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering
College of Engineering - University of Porto - Portugal

Professor: Dr. António P. O. Carvalho
Tel: +351.225081931, Fax: +351.225081940





(1) After the end of classes there are two three-hour written examinations of similar difficulty level (1st call and 2nd call) (1 h theoretical part, closed book + 2 h practical part, open book but only the official textbook). The access to these exams are only open to the students that were regularity registered in the course and have got "frequency".

A student has frequency to this course having been regulary registered to it did not missed more than 3 classes and fulfilled the minimum requirements.

The access to the 2nd exam will be limited to the students that having fulfilled the above have failed in the 1st exam or missed it. except for trying to increase the classification (a special application will be needed). Will be also accepted to exam the students that are under special provisions (point 3 Article 4rd of the Normas Gerais de Avaliação approved by the Pedagogical Council).



Schedule of exams (2019/20)

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