The organization committee wishes to thank everyone present at the I International Conference on Biodental Engineering, it was everyone’s ¬†interested participation that made this event possible.


Here are the photos, and soon we`ll have more news!


The growing interest in the technology approach to medicine leads to the emergence of multidisciplinary research areas of great importance. The medicine has seen its practice profoundly changed as the technology develops new media for diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, engineering has also been confronted with issues that are innovative ranging from biomaterials as far as the development of analysis tools valid for living tissues.

The conference will take place at the Sheraton Porto Hotel and Spa on the 26th and 27th of June 2009.


Invited Lecturers (already confirmed):

“Towards facial simulation”
B. Walker (Arup), L. Beldie (Arup), Y. Lu (Cardiff Uni), S. Richmonds (Cardiff), J. Middleton (Cardiff)

“Facial soft tissue modeling”
L. Beldie (Arup), Y. Lu (Cardiff), H. X. Zhu (Cardiff), B. Walker (Arup), S. Richmonds (Cardiff)

"Human Temporomandibular Joint Simulation"
A. Perez del Palomar ( Zaragoza), M. Doblare(Zaragoza).

"Bacterial-surface interactions : expression of slime associated genes"
Yannis F.Missirlis (University of Patras )

"Collecting research data from clinical practice: How can informatics help?"

Titus Karl Ludwig Schleyer ( University of Pittsburgh )

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