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Our participation with a booth at the Technology Showroom & Business Showcase of BIN@PORTO 2015 was very productive. In fact, in terms of business outcomes, it was one of the most productive events we ever participated.”

   Eduardo Mendes,  Co-founder and Director of R&D at  


The delegates will have the opportunity to present and/or just visit a wide group of technology showcases and some technology demonstrations / simulations. Any delegate can propose technologies to be presented, free of charge. The Business Showcase includes institutional showcases. The delegates have the opportunity (optional) to be present with a institutional showcase (free of charge) which offers the perfect spot for the companies to promote their expertise, products and projects, but also to interact and/or do business with other partners as well as with academic and scientific communities.



Venue: UPTEC


08h45 – 09h00 | Check-in of participants

09h00 – 12h40 | Exhibition: Tech Demo and Business Showcase

12h40 – 14h00 Informal Lunch @ UPTEC

14h00 – 18h00 | Exhibition: Tech Demo and Business Showcase


Businesses / technologies represented​

Company Field of activity / technologies applied
      Connect Robotics works with automation of drones for multiple purposes and has as the main product a Drone Delivery Service, that includes the Autonomous Drones, and the services on the cloud for Delivery and Traffic Management. Has the support of European Space Agency (ESA), FIWARE Foundation, MIT Portugal and Carnegie Mellon Portugal.
     IDEIA.M is a strategic design agency. They use creative design methods focused on problem solving, generating ideas and concepts, coming up with products and services with impact on the society. IDEIA.M is a team of strategists, designers, engineers, modellers and specialists with multisectoral experience and multidisciplinary expertise. They were awarded with an iF Design Award 2018.
   iGUANEYE tries to answer the following question: “How could we go barefoot everywhere ?” iGUANEYE was inspired by Amazon Indians who used to dip their feet directly into liquid rubber to protect them. The main body of the iGUANEYE is made of a very flexible elastomer. Inside there is a cork and leather insole for maximum comfort.
The financial impact of the ever-changing weather conditions due to the climate change is huge. iClimate Adviser’s mission is to provide a new platform for forecasting, information and advice based on short, medium, long range weather forecast, Weather Business Analytics and Weather Intelligence, to enable and improve the various businesses and human activities. Based on knowledge, expertise and skills, we have developed a new algorithm to predict and advice short term business decisions and especially a new forecasting platform for medium and long range climate forecasts aimed to different type of activities that depend on reliable, in-advance and accurate weather and climate information.
AddVolt has developed the World’s 1st Plug-in Electrical system targeted for refrigerated vans, trucks, trailers and containers. With AddVolt, transportation companies with refrigeration units can use electrical energy to reduce diesel dependencies, the level of noise and the CO2 emissions during its operation. AddVolt creates high and positive impacts on the driver’s quality of life, while contributing to having eco-friendly vehicles.
GKwatertech sells a water management system to public bathing facilities. This system is capable to identify the users, monitor the consumptions in real-time and limit the bathing time to predefined time. This solution will save water and water-related energy (used to heat the water) and save money to our clients as well as make people aware to their responsibility towards saving water in their daily actions. Our team have seven members from different fields of engineering and technology, and together we want to change the way water is used. To save water we need to change behaviours.
A coffee school brought to you by coffee makers, with SCA approval and certification. Practical, in-depth knowledge courses and workshops for professionals and enthusiasts. Coffee as it should be, explained by people who dip their hands in the beans.
Reef – Reactions for Efficiency, is a startup of technology and engineering that develops biorefineries projects to transform green residues (industrial, forest or agricultural) into bioproducts and biofuels. For example, from the glycerol, industrial waste of biodiesel industry, are obtained cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. And from forest residues are produced pharmaceutical compounds, biopolymers or bioethanol.
Life in a bag aims to inspire people to grow indoors, combining design and sustainability and contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Our products allow you to create an indoor organic garden of herbs, edible flowers and microgreens. They are an ecological alternative when you want to offer a gift.
Noocity Urban Ecology is a Start-up based in Oporto aiming to bring the best of rural life into cities! We believe that nature must have a place and role in shaping future cities, contributing to improve the quality of life and helping to create more connected communities. We work to deliver products and services that empower urban citizens to grow their own food in a gratifying, efficient and ecological way.
At the Worm Revolution we believe that waste doesn’t exist! With our products and services, we empower citizens and organizations to transform organic waste into natural fertilizers. While reducing our waste footprint, worms produce high value resource to grow healthy food, to share or to sell. Our worm compost bins are easy to use, hygienic and fun.
Ecocubo – connecting nature. We design ecological structures (made of wood and cork) that allow people to stay in nature in a sustainable way, with low impact for the environment and high impact for local community. Ecocubo is a full stack product that promotes local products, its heritage and traditions, creating a specific local product that guarantees an exclusive offer for the nature tourism market. Ecocubo – the personal experience of immersion in nature.
MASDIMA (Multi-Agent System for Disruption Management) is a system that aims to manage the operation of airlines, flights and monitoring the unexpected events that may affect and cause flight delays. MASDIMA is more than a problem-solving algorithm. It is a system with a large degree of automation, distributed and autonomous with decision-making ability and learning, which replaces several existing functions in the operational control centers of the airlines. Therefore, the cost savings for an airline goes beyond those which are obtained with the optimization of solutions, allowing effective savings in the structure and functioning of the control center.
Armis Group is a software company structured by specialized areas such as Information Technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Digital Sport Technology and Sourcing and stands out for having a team of highly qualified professionals, capable of conceiving tailored complex and risky projects, with focus on attending to the specifications of every client. Besides its strong presence in the portuguese market, with offices in Porto and Lisbon, Armis Group embraces several international projects in countries such as Egypt, Russia, Spain, Angola & Ireland and has offices in Brazil and Macau, consolidating the group’s presence in Latin America and Asia.
Spawnfoam is a business project for circular economy. We work in the Biotechnology industry in the materials and consumer goods domains. This biocomposite solution is a greener and more sustainable alternative to petroleum based products, because it reduces dependence on fossil fuels and GHG emissions. It is made of organic agroforestry by-products and mycelium used as the bonding agent. Spawnfoam is a resilient, eco-friendly and cost effective technology leading the new industrial revolution “cradle to cradle”. Spawnfoam offers a multifaceted and customizable material with endless applications, such as packaging, transplantation pots, or insulation.
Dynamic Air Cooling is absolutely new and 100% environment friendly air conditioning and refrigeration technology. DAC does not use synthetic HFC coolants and has no thermal emissions.  Our technology allows effective industrial and residential air conditioning or refrigeration. We bring new cold generation where it´s needed most!
Flingo has created an algorithm to monitor the price of hotels in which they are indexed in company’s BigData. Flingo starts by showing which hotels are similar in the chosen region, after which the company does the price monitoring to deliver to you the best hotel with the lowest price. Flingo keeps looking for lower prices until the date of free cancellation of your reservation.
See Now Buy Now (SNBN) is 24/7 Online Showroom that connects brands and stores for ordering. It is a B2B platform for Brands and Stores which makes business and trade online, 24 hours, 365 days per year. The STORE browses the BRAND’s catalogue through SNBN platform and places the order; SNBN receives the order and payment confirmation and informs the BRAND; SNBN retains a percentage fee over the sale; The BRAND ships the order to the STORE.
All companies involved in the waste lifecycle (generation, transportation and final disposal) share legal responsibility and need to provide information to comply with legislation. MeuResíduo offers a verifiable traceability of the waste life cycle via online software and app, registering all the steps of the waste life cycle with evidence, from generation to final disposal, providing information to the entire chain – the aim is to support waste generator companies, waste collection service, waste final disposal companies and also to support environmental consulting companies.
AZAPFY is a start-up in constant development, aiming to offer greater agility in the process of offering Proof of Delivery services. AZAPFY is a set of softwares and hardwares in the transportation segment which offers a solution for the process of delivering land cargoes (from the delivery of the cargo to distributor to the final delivery to end customer by the carrier).
Established since 1947, Ernesto São Simão Lda. (ESS) is a company dedicated to engineering services, mould production, precision mechanics and plastic injection for a wide range of industries. The strategy of ESS is focused on using innovation to promote the transition towards the New Plastics Economy, where plastics and plastic products are Circular and Sustainable.
Dunning is a platform that uses machine learning algorithms to check and monitor large volumes of data involving the companies debt collection and credit process. With the use of automatized tools (SMS, emails, and others) we communicate with the client and provide costumers management in a more efficient way, reducing defaults, enhancing team performance and bettering your cash flow.