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Business & Innovation Network @ PORTO 2015

6th international annual meeting of the Business & Innovation Network


The Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), with the support of the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto (UPTEC), is organising the 6th international BIN@ event that will be held at FEUP Campus, located in the World Heritage City of Porto – Portugal, on November 2-5.


The BIN@ is an informal international network of academic and industry partners engaged and supporting the creation of a sustainable forum for sharing good practice and opportunities in Innovation.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable international network of partners from across industry, academia, investment, incubation, business development and economic development agencies to support the sharing of good practice and knowledge and to promote open innovation. We intend to help connect partners from across disciplines and industrial sectors to create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, and hopefully support partnerships that can deliver value and impact.


BIN@PORTO will include:


  • Technologies Showroom
  • Business Showcase
  • 14 thematic Action Tank sessions
  • 10 Open Sessions
  • a 24h Challenge on Product Design&Development
  • Several networking activities
  • Complementary Events


Detailed programme and registrations will soon be announced


Technologies Showroom
The delegates will have the opportunity to present and/or just visit a wide group of technology showcases and some technology demonstration / simulation. Any delegate can propose technologies to be presented, free of charge. The Technologies Showroom will happen interlinked with the Business Showcase.


Business Showcase
The Business Showcase will occur interlinked with the Technologies Showroom and includes B2B meetings and institutional showcases.


The delegates have the opportunity (optional) to be present with a institutional showcase, free of charge, which offers the perfect spot for the companies to promote their expertise, their products and their projects, to interact with the other partners and with the academic and scientific community and to do business.


All the participants can also, if they choose, submit us a partner search in order for us to promote the matching. If the matching proves to be successful we will pre-schedule B2B meetings.


Action Tank Sessions
Our goals are to bring about a culture change in terms of working across disciplines and sharing knowledge and experience, and to foster the creation of new interdisciplinary teams who focus on the proposed themes under different areas.


Open Sessions

These sessions are a space of debate, ideas' exchange or source of information about the topics:

  • Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Innovation Districts
  • Valuing Knowledge and Innovation
  • Innovation Policy and International Competitiveness
  • Users Oriented Creative Innovation
  • Transport Innovation
  • Motivation to Innovate
  • Celebrating Failure
  • ...

They are composed at least by one speaker and are opened to everyone interested in the theme. The audience is strongly encouraged to participate with questions and comments which will enhance the debate.


Networking Activities

An Official Gala Dinner at Palácio da Bolsa - Hall of Nations, a Concert by Rita Redshoes, a cultural visit to the Port Wine Cellars, a Happy Hour on Creative Thinking and several other networking activities will be offered to the active participants free of charge. These activities aim to strengthen relations and deepen cooperation between the participants.

days left to BIN@PORTO

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