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README.md Contents

Use this template:

# Elements:
 - John Doe (201801234) 
 - Jane Doe (201804321)
 - Mary Doe (201805678)
 - Carl Doe (201808765)

# Credentials (username/password (role))
 - john/1234 (admin)
 - mary/9999 (client)

# Libraries:
 - super-dupper-gallery (http://github.com/example/super-dupper-gallery) to create the image caroussel in the first page.
 - strong-password-checker (http://strong-password-checker.com) to show users if their passwords are strong.

# Features:
 - Security
     - XSS: yes
     - CSRF: no
     - SQL using prepare/execute: yes
     - Passwords: SHA1
     - Data Validation: regex / php / html / javascript / ajax
     - Other:
 - Technologies
     - Separated logic/database/presentation: yes
     - Semantic HTML tags: yes
     - Responsive CSS: no
     - Javascript: yes
     - Ajax: no
     - REST API: no
     - Other:
     - Error/success messages: yes
     - Forms don't lose data on error: no

In validation, regex means you are using regex to validate user input, html means you’re using the pattern attribute in HTML, php means you are revalidating user input in PHP, javascript means you are using JavaScript do more complex validation (e.g., passwords must match), ajax means you are using Ajax to do validation (e.g., username must be unique).