Web Languages and Technologies

LTW :: 2019/20 Project

LTW Project

Project description for the 2019 edition of the Web Languages and Technologies course.


Create a website where owners can list their houses and apartments for tourists to rent. To create this application, students should:

Work groups


The minimum expected requirements are the following:

Students should also make sure that:

Some suggested extra requirements. Extra requirements are a way of making sure each project is unique. You do not have to implement all of these:

Work Plan

This is a proposed plan to guide your work. No deliverables are expected or will be evaluated at these dates.

We recommend that students adopt an agile methodology. Don’t start by planning every little detail right from the start as you run the risk of ending up with a great plan but a poor implementation; but be aware of code organization and quality from the beginning.


Evaluation will be done on the following topics: