Web Languages and Technologies

LTW :: 2019/20 1st Semester


Week Theory Classes Practice Sessions
1 Course Presentation.
HTML: history, structure, elements and tags.
2 CSS: history, selectors, properties and values.
Exercises | Solutions
3 CSS: positioning, especificity, inheritance. CSS
Exercises | Solutions
4 PHP: history, variables, control structures, arrays and functions.
CSS Exercises
5 PHP: classes, HTTP parameters and database access using PDO. PHP
Exercises | Solutions
6 PHP: complete example.
Project: presentation
PHP Exercises
Project group formation
7 FEUP Week
8 Javascript: variables, control structures, functions, objects, arrays and DOM. Project
9 Javascript: advanced classes, ajax and complete example. Javascript
Exercises | Solutions
10 Web Security: Types of attacks and vulnerabilities. XSS, CSRF and SQL injection prevention. Password storage. Javascript
Exercises | Solutions
11 Regular Expressions: Basics and usage in PHP, Javascript and HTML. Project
12 HTTP: Requests, responses, methods, codes, REST. Regular Expressions
Exercises | Solutions
13 Web APIs: Promises. API Permissions. GeoLocation, Clipboard, Web Storage and Web Sockets APIs Project
14 XML: Valid XML, namespaces, technologies and applications.
XPath: Data types, location paths, axis, node tests, predicates and abbreviations.
Q&A (preparation for the final exam)
Project presentations