Information Systems and Databases

LTW :: 2017/18 1st Semester


Week Theory Classes Practice Sessions
1 Course Presentation:First introduction to databases and the web.
Entity Relationship Model: Entities, attibutes and relationships.
Entity Relationship
2 Relational Model: Relations, tuples, attributes and constraints. Conversion from the entity-relationship model. Relational Model
3 SQL: Table creation. Data types and constraints. PostgreSQL. SQL
4 SQL: Database queries. Selecting, filtering, set operations and joins. SQL
5 SQL: Inserting, deleting and updating SQL
6 HTML 5: Introduction, basic tags, tables, text formatting, common attributes and generic blocks. Forms, the semantic web, metadata and media tags. HTML
Exercises | Solutions
7 FEUP Week
8 CSS 3: Introduction, basic selectors, properties. Positioning, specificity, inheritance. CSS
Exercises | Solutions
9 PHP: Variables, loops, arrays and functions. Receiving values from HTML pages. Classes and objects. Database connections.
Project Information
Accessing the Server
10 PHP: Forms, actions and authentication. Project
11 PHP: Error handling and file uploads Project
12 PHP Examples Project
13 Q&A (preparation for the final exam) Project Presentation