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Cyber-Physical Control Systems and Robotics lab (C2SR)

Research Interests

General area of Signals, Systems and Robotics, with particular interest in the following topics:
    • Nonlinear control theory
    • Switched and hybrid systems
    • Performance limitations
    • Nonlinear observers
    • Visual servo control
    • Networked control systems
    • Modeling, control, navigation and guidance of autonomous vehicles
    • Underactuated and nonholonomic systems, autonomous underwater vehicles, surface crafts, mobile robots, unmanned autonomous vehicles

Research Projects

  • Recent research projects:
    See the following Faculty of Engineering link.

  • Former research projects:
  • CONAV: Cooperative Navigation and Control of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles
  • ATLAS: Advances in Terrain-based Localization of Autonomous Submersibles
  • HIVCONTROL: Control based on dynamic modeling of HIV-1 infection for therapy design
  • Co3-AUVs: Cooperative Cognitive Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • FREESUBNET: Marie Curie Research Training Networks
  • DENO: DEvelopment of Nonlinear Observers
  • NAV-Control: Development and Application of Advanced Nonlinear Control Techniques for the Coordination and Motion Control of a  Network of Autonomous Vehicles
  • GREX: Coordination and Control of Cooperating Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems in Uncertain Environments