About us


The Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties with the participation of civil engineering faculties from non-European countries (AECEF) was founded on the 14th September 1992.

It was the idea and initiative of Professor Jiří Witzany, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague to create – in the new political situation in Europe – conditions and links for closer cooperation of mainly European universities with Civil engineering study programmes.

The main goals of the Association

• to establish conditions for close co-operation among Civil Engineering faculties, their research workers and teachers, among civil engineering specialists and institutions from different countries;
• to contribute to the dissemination and application of the latest civil engineering research and teaching, especially in the finding of improvements to the environment;
• to support the Europe-wide development and spread of new construction technologies;
• to work toward compatibility among the curricula of Civil Engineering faculties as a starting point for the exchange of students and the mutual acceptance of graduates in civil engineering practice in Europe;
• to work toward the implementation of study and lecture visits to foreign universities by teachers, research workers and students.

Founder-members of AECEF

1. Faculty of Built Environment, South Bank University, London, United Kingdom
2. Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
3. Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
4. School of Engineering, University of Wales Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
5. University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada
6. Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
7. The Engineering College of Odense, Denmark
8. Chalmers University of Technology, School of Civil Engineering, Göteborg, Sweden
9. University of Zagreb, Croatia
10. Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prague, Czechoslovakia
11. Technical University Košice, Czechoslovakia
12. Kiev Civil Engineering Institute, Ukraine
13. Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris, France
14. Civil Engineering Faculty, Lviv Polytechnical Institute, Ukraine
15. University of Southampton, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, United Kingdom
16. University of Transport and Communications, Žilina, Czechoslovakia
17. Vilnius Technikos Universitetas, Lithuania
18. City University, London, United Kingdom
19. Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium

AECEF Foundation

The Association was founded in September 1992.
Professor Jiří Witzany was elected the first President of the Association and was repeatedly reelected for this position in all elections that were hold on the AECEF General Assemblies. For the position of AECEF Secretary-General was appointed Assoc. Prof. Jiří Váška from Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague.

Board Members

1. José FERREIRA LEMOS, Faculty of Civil lEngineering, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, President

2. Piotr BERKOWSKI, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Wroclav University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland

3. Cedric D´MELLO, School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, City University London, UK

4 Michal JANDERA, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

5. Aarne JUTILA Extraplan Oy, Espoo, Finland

6. Alan KWAN, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK

7. Roode LIIAS, School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia

8. Anatoly P. MALINOVSKY, Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building, Tomsk, Russia

9. Alfredo SOEIRO, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, Secretary-General

10. Remigijus ŠALNA, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania

11. Nicholaos THEODOSSIOU, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece

12. Andrey A. VOLKOV, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia

13. Ivica ZAVRŠKI, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

14. Radek ZIGLER, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic


Original web page: http://kps.fsv.cvut.cz/aecef/