Welcome to the FEUP's homepage of JavaML 2.0

  • JavaML is a XML vocabulary to represent Java source code files.



  • A first-public 2.0 release was planned to be available on sourceforge.net at Spring 2004, but due to difficulties on maintaining the jikes-based converter updated with current versions of Java (Java 5), it was never released there.
  • Meanwhile you can download the 5th release candidate: javaml-2.0-RC5.zip
  • If you need the sources and want to change them, just contact me (ademar.aguiar at fe up pt), and I will give them to you.
  • We plan to move to Eclipse compiler instead of jikes, as the converter, but no dates defined for that yet... if you wanna collaborate, please contact us... Thanks!


2004 Ademar Aguiar